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The Conductor’s Wand

Put down your strings and pick up your wand

The Conductor’s Wand

By: Ross Paterson

New Toolbox Series: Episode #4
(Check out the Conductor Video)

In my final assignment as an employee, I ran a $20MM-a-year sports lighting joint venture for General Electric. On my team were structural engineers, a master electrician, lighting designers, a CFO, and manufacturing and quality managers. Most of these leaders had a decade or two of experience in fields where I was a rookie. Quite simply, I couldn’t do their jobs.

As our businesses grow, at some point it doesn’t matter how much work we can do anymore. All that matters is how much great work we as leaders can inspire our teams to deliver.

Like the conductor of a symphony, we can’t possibly master every instrument or play all the individual parts and still deliver the overall performance that is clearly our responsibility.

So, when you pick up the conductor’s wand from the New Toolbox, remember that your work looks different now.

Planning: Selecting the right music for the audience
Talent: Make sure each section is well-staffed
Set High Standards: Expectations for preparation and rehearsals
Inspiration: Make everyone better through teaching, coaching, and

Then on performance day, it is your job to keep everyone focused, aligned, and energized for a masterful delivery of your vision.

Once you pick up the Conductor’s Wand, you are firmly in the New Toolbox zone.

The Conductor doesn’t take over any part from the performers.

The Conductor always faces the team with their back to the crowd. It is not about you anymore; it’s about them.

The Conductor spurs on the musicians with passion, purpose, and discipline.

You are probably closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine.

Stop doing it all!!
Work your way out of your old roles.
Pick up the Conductor’s Wand and lead your team to their best performance ever. Schedule a short meeting below with one of our consultants to learn how we can help. We will look forward to seeing you on the Xtra Mile.