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The Captain and The Stoker

The last wingman you'll ever need

The Captain and The Stoker

By: Ross Paterson
Hidden Treasures Series: Episode 4
It may come as no surprise that I love a good bike analogy.
Did you know the front rider on the tandem bicycle team is called the Captain? This rider’s role is to be heads-up, looking forward, deciding strategy, direction, and speed. Much like the role of the business owner.
The rider in the back is called the Stoker – a ‘hat tip’ to the hard-working men who stoked the fires for steam-powered ships and locomotives. This rider’s job is to add consistent power, be aware of the health, fueling, and overall efficiency of the team, and cover the Captain’s blind spots.
The final Hidden Treasure we want to help you uncover is this: You are not that good at everything. You need a Stoker (SBX, wingman, administrator) who is very different from you, and whose strengths naturally cover your blind spots. When you hire the right person for your business, EMPOWER them to hold you accountable, and ENCOURAGE them to take the non-CEO work from you. Your business will get to, and stay on, the Xtra Mile.
Do you know what our clients say after we have coached them through, or managed the hiring process (XM Talent Pros) for their first SBX (Small Business Xcelerator = Admin Superstar)?
“I wish I had done this sooner. It has changed my life!”
You are probably closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine. Hire your SBX and we will look forward to seeing you on the Xtra Mile.

The Captain’s ideal Stoker can look very different depending on each person’s personality and motivators.

Our award-winning SBX-turned-Founder, Fanni Gambero, is available to brainstorm what a compatible admin looks like for you!