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The Best Use of Your Time

The Best Use of Your Time

By: Ross Paterson

We work with many professional business owners; doctors, lawyers, CPAs, dentists, chiropractors, etc. While driving forward with a vision for growth, one of our clients recently said this, “If I spend two hours selling, and I can bring in 100 hours of work, that is the best use of my time.”

Exactly! This is the paradigm shift that leads to next level breakthroughs.

Most professionals struggle with this specific tension. On one hand, they have this deep passion and competence for their craft. However, to achieve their vision for growth and wider impact, they have to master the entrepreneurial skills of sales and marketing. Skills they haven’t been formally trained to do, and skills that take time, energy, and practice to develop.

The breakthroughs come with two concurrent pushes.

  1. First, start replacing yourself in the professional roles. Use part-time and contract employees to start filling the gap now.
  2. Second, become a business development expert. Learn how to connect with the market, build your tribes, and tell your story to help more people.


Nearly 100% of the time, the difference between a $1MM and a $10MM professional practice is an owner who was dedicated to mastering marketing and sales.

So spend 2 hours with us and learn how to bring in 100 hours of work at our Xtra Mile Sales Boot Camp on May 30th.