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Strong Roots = Sweet Fruit

Strong Roots = Sweet Fruit

By: Ross Paterson

The tree is FOCUS. The fruit is FREEDOM and RESULTS. The roots are DISCIPLINE.

We have been working with a fun new client this fall. Like most companies in a thriving economy, they are growing fast, and their leaders are under intense pressure. What they have done that most companies won’t do is make an investment in unlocking the potential of their current team.

Most young/new leaders and managers struggle with the ability to FOCUS. From a decade of Xcelerating RESULTS in organizations large and small, here are three areas where we can teach leaders new DISCIPLINE:

  1. Prioritization: Leaders have to make decisions about priorities every day. When the newest email or text becomes your highest priority, you have a discipline problem.
  2. Time Management: There is never enough time in the day, but there are 168 hours every week. You have time to do everything in 168 hours. If you are not making a plan for your week, you have a discipline problem.
  3. Delegation: As soon as you decide to take on a leadership role, it no longer matters how much work you can get done. What matters is how well you get work done through others. If you frequently say, “It’s just easier if I do it myself,” you have a discipline problem.


There is good news. With a little training, good tools, and inspiration anyone can develop discipline around prioritization, time management, and delegation. Don’t listen to your own lame excuses, make an investment today.

Here are a couple free time management tools: