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Stressed Out, Burned Out, Bummed Out

Stressed Out, Burned Out, Bummed Out

By: Ross Paterson

It has been the windiest April in 30 years in Texas. The constant, nagging pull is wearing us out (especially road cyclists). We feel that same constant pressure as business owners, and right now that burden is heavy.

  • The market is hot
  • Customers are demanding
  • Supply lines are disrupted
  • Inflation is eroding our profit
  • The competition for talent is brutal


It seemed like such a good idea when we started our entrepreneurial journey. If we are honest, every once in a while, we are looking for the EXIT.

For most of us though, this is a calling, we have a big WHY, and we would probably never make a good employee again. Perhaps all we need is a short break, fresh inspiration, and new ideas to help us overcome being STRESSED OUT, BURNED OUT, AND BUMMED OUT.

XM Truth:  We can’t fill others from an empty well.

Here is a simple #XtraMile prescription to refresh you.

  1. Schedule Down Time: Even an extended weekend can make a big difference.
  2. Inspire your Mind and Soul: Read or listen to a great book to refresh your WHY. (The Last Arrow, McManus.The Infinite Game, Sinek)
  3. Ask for Help: Show someone you trust the messes and challenges. You are not the first entrepreneur to get stumped and stuck.

One of our values is to Be Xceptional: Give Xtreme Value First. 
Here is our offer for #3 in the prescription. Bring your biggest obstacle, most exciting opportunity and let us bring two decades of consulting, training, and coaching insight into your business.
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