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Stop Asking Me That

Leaders Have Higher Standards For YOU

Stop Asking Me That

By: Ross Paterson

Overwhelmed.  When we have honest conversations with ourselves as business owners, 10 out of 10 of us would like to spend less time with ‘overwhelmed.’ (We have precise data on this.)

One way to fix ‘overwhelmed’ as a SMB owner is to hire and train leaders.  When we place an entire process and team under the stewardship of a well-trained leader, we create physical and emotional space for us to creatively build on the next big ideas.  Be prepared though, leaders will have higher standards for YOU and they ask tough questions.

Where are we going? (Vision)

What is the plan?

How should we behave? (Values/Culture)

How can I be most helpful? (Roles/Expectations/Results)

What is your plan for me? (Career Growth)

Guess what high-potential leaders do when their leaders can’t answer these questions?  They go find someone else who can.  Strong leaders want to work for a leader who can inspire, teach, challenge, and grow them to their full potential.  Do you have clear, concise, and compelling answers to these questions?

Clarity Precedes Results.  Leaders Create Clarity. Put It In Writing.


There is a lot of confusion about VISION as a leadership lever.

Create a clear vision for your business and team for the rest of 2022, then creatively communicate that vision every week.

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