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Steve Jobs, The Ultimate Deal Maker

Steve Jobs, The Ultimate Deal Maker

By: Ross Paterson

In one of his greatest deals ever, Steve Jobs convinced Disney to buy PIXAR for $7.4 billion in 2006.  Then PIXAR’s leaders took over a lackluster Disney Animations; not how it usually works.

In his book Creativity, Ed Catmull, the President of PIXAR, shares the story of the transition.  He was tasked with leading the post-acquisition cultural revolution.  It took about 4 hours to share the vision and values with the Disney team.  However it took 4 years for the culture to evolve.  The evidence of the turnaround, 2013’s blockbuster success of Disney’s Frozen.

Building culture like building great leaders takes time and attention.  T Business Owners and CEOs, does your team have clarity about the values and culture of your company?  Are your processes, language, goals and incentives working to enhance the culture?  If not, make sure you get started in 2017.

Clarity PRECEDES results.  Leaders CREATE clarity.