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So Close…

Major obstacles for next level performance

So Close…

By: Ross Paterson

We worked with two high-potential businesses this week; reaching for their $5MM breakthroughs. Strong foundations are built and the potential for growth in their markets is very high in 2023. Their major obstacles for next-level performance are leadership capacity, leadership capability, and caring too deeply.

Obstacle 1: Technical mastery ≠ Leadership ability. To get to the next level, these owners need leaders who understand delegation/feedback/accountability AND have the business savvy to inspire their teams to profitable performance. Their technical talent is exceptional, but now they need more. (Capability)

Obstacle 2: Relationships greater than titles. One manager told us, ‘Give me the title and I will get the work done.’ He can’t even see that his relationship capital and credibility with the team are so low the title won’t help him. (Capacity)

Obstacle 3: We love our team too much to be demanding. In the SMB world, we make a difference in people’s lives by caring deeply about the whole human, not just the employee who shows up to work. The dilemma is that leaders are made by leaning into the uncomfortable as the challenge accelerates their growth. Don’t shield your emerging leaders from the very experiences that will give them growth. Let them fail, allow them to stretch and win the day on their own. You need them to master these situations for your business to level up. (Caring too deeply)


You are probably closer than you imagine, small changes will lead to big breakthroughs. Let us know if we can help you and your team find the next level in 2023.


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