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Slip Out the Back, Jack

Slip Out the Back, Jack

By: Ross Paterson

Slip out the Back, Jack

Make a new plan, Stan.”

Lyrics from Paul Simon’s hit from 1975 “50 Ways to Leave your Lover.”  I remember listening to this at my home in Virginia, probably on an 8-Track tape. A shameless display of my wisdom. I have many conversations with Business Owners and Leaders this time of year. I often ask them about their results, what have they learned, what will they do differently next year.  And, though most know planning is important, even critical to success, the overwhelming majority do not have a plan in writing.  They believe the plan is in their head, but when I ask them to write it out, they can’t.  And, if I asked their team to tell me the plan, they can’t either.  See how that works.

Make a new Plan, Stan.

We can help you take your fantastic thinking and experience, and put it down in a one-page business plan.  A plan that will help you create breakthroughs and accelerate results in 2016.  Check out the details on our Small Business Planning workshop. If you are frustrated, overwhelmed and underpaid, you should be there. Our 100% money back guarantee makes it a no brainer. Only 10 seats available.


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