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By: Ross Paterson

“I have a new employee starting on Monday. It’s going to be such a pain in the ass.”

Real conversation overheard in a security line while traveling through Phoenix. All I could think about was a nervous new employee getting ready to start, and I wanted to tell them to RUN!!

Our research shows that how you start with a new employee will have a tremendous impact on their engagement and longevity in your business. With a little time and preparation, you could save tens of thousands of dollars in turnover costs, while simultaneously creating a multiplier of 2x-3x on productivity.

  1. SELL: During the interview/assessment process, the onboarding process, and throughout their career on your team, sell the Purpose, Culture, Vision, and Impact your business has on the world. Tell stories, with lots of repetition of client wins and your team’s contributions.
  2. WOW: Create a powerful moment for your new teammates on their first day. Have the desk, computer, email, software, business cards, company swag, and welcome banner set up and ready. Send them a picture the day before they start and let them know how excited you are for them to join the team.
  3. HOW: Put a 30-60-90-day plan in writing. Have training, transition plans, and mentors in place to get them up to speed quickly. Every 30 days (during the first 90 days), give them formal/informal feedback on how they are doing and update the next 30-day plan. Download a sample plan here

“I have never had a new job that made me FEEL like this.” Our XtraMilers and our client’s teammates when they are welcomed with this process as they join the team. It is worth the time.

You are probably closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine, we would love to help.

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