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Seeds of Greatness

Seeds of Greatness

By: Ross Paterson

Twenty-two years ago I was a hard charging Infantry Platoon Leader in Schweinfurt, Germany.  I challenged my team to be their best, and tried my hardest to set a high standard for them to follow.  A high potential young soldier named Martin Celestine, from St. Thomas, VI, was in that platoon.

Today he is Command Sergeant Major Celestine, the top Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) of a 4,500 soldier brigade, and one of the top NCOs in the US Army.  He remembers well the seeds we planted early in his career, very humbling.

In business, non-profits, government, schools, and the military, results matter.  But, what you will remember and cherish the most is the people.  Invest in leaders, challenge your team to do the ‘hard stuff,’ unlock their full potential.  You never know what future harvest your seeds will produce, so plant generously.

“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” -Bill Hybels