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The Secret to Hiring Exceptional Leaders

The Secret to Hiring Exceptional Leaders

By: Ross Paterson

It’s hot in Texas; 103 today with a heat index of 110.  The economy is hot too.  Along with high demand for housing and commercial space, we have intense competition for great business leaders who deliver results.

We want every business owner and entrepreneur to know the secret for recruiting great leaders…ready…

Be a Great Leader.

Your top leadership recruits will be asking you tough questions:

  • Why did you start this business? (Purpose)
  • Where are you going? (Vision)
  • What makes you unique? (Core Values)
  • How can I help you get there? (My job + future opportunity)

When your top candidate for the GM or VP position asks these questions, you must have clear and compelling answers.  If not, they will go ask someone else.

Likewise, if your candidates do not ask these questions, keep looking.  Having Xtra Mile Leaders in key positions is the shortest path to accelerated results