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Science Matters

Science Matters

By: Ross Paterson

Leaders, do you want your team performing on the #XtraMile? It is our job to know what they need and adjust our style to meet those needs. You don’t have to work with someone for 2-3 years to really understand them. We have powerful tools, a virtual ‘easy button’, to help you understand, connect, motivate, and communicate with everyone on your team. One of our favorites, because of its simplicity and affordability, is the TTI personality and motivation assessment.

We were working with the CEO of a multi-state operation helping her troubleshoot performance problems on her executive team. Her initial idea was to start raising the pressure on one VP, create urgency to get him to move faster towards a key performance goal. In one section of our assessment, it summarizes the employee’s communication style. This outline of ‘How To’ and ‘How NOT to’ communicate is a game changer. The #1 bullet in this VPs ‘How NOT to’ list was ‘Don’t push too hard.’ This simple, low-cost tool gave this CEO actionable adjustments that radically increased her effectiveness as a leader. 

XM Truth: Science will accelerate your Leadership Art.

Understanding human personalities and motivators will multiply your effectiveness in communicating and delegating with your team. If you need a shortcut, let the XM team come and help you troubleshoot your most challenging team relationships. Contact us!