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Scary Dreams

Scary Dreams

By: Ross Paterson

People often comment to me, ‘You are lucky, must be nice to own your own business.’ To which I reply, ‘Yep…sometimes it is.’  One of our client’s response to this statement is, ‘Living the Dream.’  He says it with a wink, because frequently it can be a hauntingly scary dream.

Owning and leading a small business is a complex and frustratingly difficult task. Outside of developing the technical competence of producing a great product, service, or solution, we must learn:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources: Hiring, Firing, and Compliance
  • Finance, Payroll, Taxes
  • Delegation, Accountability, Consequences
  • And much more


Looking at this list could make the most confident business leader feel stress. XM Performance has had great success helping Business Owners shorten their learning curve and accelerate results.  Maybe we could help you, too.


Don’t just take our word for it.

Ryan Holloway discusses his experience with XM Performance.