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Reset, Refocus, Realign, Re-engage

Reset, Refocus, Realign, Re-engage

By: Ross Paterson

Six months of a pandemic, three months left in 2020.


My bride and I took 4 days off last week and spent time hiking, biking, and relaxing in Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, TX (it is the second-largest canyon in North America). What a relief it was to set aside the turmoil of 2020 for unplugged ‘us time’. RESET


Q4 is here. Our strategic conversations with clients are beginning to focus on 2021 work. SMB owners, it is time to take a look past the immediate horizon and forecast for the future. Then, put a plan in writing for Q4 to finish the year strong, while simultaneously setting up for a big 2021. REFOCUS



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XM Performance has been working with a wide range of clients for more than a decade. The pandemic gave us the opportunity to be in the middle of dozens of strategic pivot conversations and implementations. The talent, drive, and grit of our #XtraMile Tribe are impressive. The challenges aren’t in the past yet. We must continue our diligence on where we spend our money, time, and team resources, the most critical role of the leader. REALIGN


The most surprising outcome from this wildly disruptive year is how powerful a simple phone call to our network of relationships can be. As your regions open up, put a call list together and reach out to the XtraMilers in your network. Relationships really matter. Be more human in your approach and watch new opportunities develop. RE-ENGAGE


Tune in over the next four weeks as we begin a series to guide you through fog cutting work that will set you up for 2021 success.