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Rebels That Are Never Free

There are times when the freedom of ownership is overrated

Rebels That Are Never Free

By: Ross Paterson

Almost all of our clients are rebels to some extent.  They have a better idea, a more compelling vision, an insatiable desire to disrupt the status quo.


If they followed our #XtraMile guidance in January they put a plan together for an economy that came back faster than expected.  As we hit 2021’s midway point, this prediction has been especially true in our Texas and Arizona markets.  The growth is creating intense pressure from three directions:


  1. The pandemic took out competitors, more demand, fewer options.
  2. Disrupted supply chains are killing our efficiency, causing inflation.
  3. Manpower shortages leave big holes in team rosters.


The combined stress on our profitability, time, and attention can trap our rebellious souls in a prison of the overwhelmed.  (Have you ever woken up early, not been able to go back to sleep, and struggle to remember why you started your own business in the first place?)


We have a simple exercise most of our clients went through in June that will help develop positive action steps to relieve #3 above.  It is called the Critical Personnel Inventory.


Step #1:  Draw an org chart of your future organization assuming 50% or 100% growth.  Add empty boxes for future growth spots; focus on key leader, manager, and technical roles.

Step #2:  Ask yourself a few questions based on what you see

  • Who can be ready for a bigger role in 6-12 months?
  • Who is at risk for leaving?
  • Which positions do you need to add first? Why?

Step #3:  Take a Critical Inventory of your current team (Download our tool and instructions)

Download the Critical Inventory Here

You Are Not Alone!!

SMB owners rarely have an HR team that can help forecast and develop your future human capital.  Schedule a 30 min session with one of our Performance Hackers, we will relieve the pressures of getting your line up right.  You are probably closer than you imagine.

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