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Reality Distortion

Reality Distortion

By: Ross Paterson

I am an avid cyclist.  After a couple of months training for a non-cycling event, I went back out to Sansom Park in Fort Worth.  This trail is one of my favorites, because of the challenging, technical terrain.  I told myself, you are still in pretty good shape, if you take it easy you will be okay.  But the Lone Wolf Loop told me the TRUTH.  I am out of shape and my technical skills are very rusty, and I have some wounds to prove it.

I did what every business owner does, I made up the story I wanted to hear.  REALITY DISTORTION.  Business is great, my customers and employees love me, I am living the American Dream.  But statistically this is not the TRUTH.  Most business owners are in debt from the start up, don’t have a cash reserve for contingencies or emergencies, and are working more hours and paying themselves less than they ever made as an employee.

You will never create real Xtra Mile Performance in your business until you deal with the TRUTH.  The Lone Wolf Loop told me the TRUTH about my mountain biking conditioning.  Who tells you the TRUTH about your business?  REALITY DISTORTION doesn’t get fixed by working harder and longer for another year.  You need a TRUTH INTERRUPTION.

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