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Re-Onboarding in Texas

Humans perform at their best when collaborating in close proximity with each other.

Re-Onboarding in Texas

By: Ross Paterson
Re-Onboarding: Is that even a word?

The Texas Governor announced the reopening of Texas businesses starting March 10th. Even before that announcement, our team has been noticing increasing traffic inside Dallas/Fort Worth.

We are bumping up against 4 million vaccinated and nearly 3 million recovered, which means almost 25% of the 29 million Texans now have a high level of immunity.

We are not going to join the fray on the polarizing debates around masks, vaccinations, or the proper limits of government. However, science overwhelmingly favors this fact: humans perform at their best when collaborating in close proximity with each other.

Want to know more? Here is our blog post referencing a research article about this.


Eight feet is better than a zoom call. Whatever you believe about the timing and conditions, at some point in the next 1-6 months, companies and organizations are going to start working together in offices and buildings all over America.
Business owners, when it is time for your team to start physically working together, you will be presented with unique leadership challenges. We have this hopefully once-in-a-lifetime business operation called…Re-Onboarding. A few ideas to help you navigate and flourish:


1. Communication is key

There are many people that are at risk or live with others that are high risk. Never create an environment where someone is shamed if they chose to wear a mask. Gather your team in small groups, get their input, listen, watch and discuss the proper way for your operation to open safely.


2. Dedicate time to team building

Whether it is a simple reconnection exercise, learning how to communicate around personality styles, or learning to handle difficult conversations. Help your team connect with each other, feel safe, and be freshly inspired by the purpose and vision of your company. Here are some ideas to get you started.


3. Brainstorm strategic and/or tactical moves to handle growth

There is a discernable acceleration happening across markets and state boundaries. Are you ready for growth? What would it take? Get the team involved in a mini session to put growth contingencies in writing.


XM Truth: This will not be business as usual.


Take the time to bring some #XtraMile leadership to the situation. Let us know if you need help.