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Progress on the Xtra Mile

Progress on the Xtra Mile

By: Ross Paterson

At XM (Xtra Mile) Performance, one of the cornerstones of our culture is to deliver extreme value to the business community.  In July we took two steps to expand our ability to deliver Xtra Mile Results to you.

First, we would like to introduce you to Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby.  An expert in human resources, training and developing leaders, and a certified coach, she adds considerable capabilities to the XMP team and our clients.

Second, we have upgraded the look and functionality of our website.  We have a treasure of blogs, planning tools, and other big ideas that have been completely reorganized.  Now you can find information on employee issues, business acceleration, and other big ideas to help you and your teams get to the Xtra Mile.  Check out the Lessons page and click through the topics to find short, useful tips for unlocking your leadership and business potential.

Coming in the second half of the year, video tutorials that will challenge your current thinking and give you practical ideas for accelerating results.

If you have other ideas or problems where you need help, email Ross directly at