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Phantom Clarity

Phantom Clarity

By: Ross Paterson

As XM Performance accelerates results for our clients, we have to start with the basics.  What clients often believe is perfectly clear in their minds can be quite difficult to put down on paper.  I would love to understand the chemistry and psychology behind this phenomenon of PHANTOM CLARITY.

XM TRUTH: If it can’t be put in writing, then it is not that clear for you and even less clear for your team.

In his book Uncontainable, The Container Store CEO Kip Tindell, shares inspiring stories of how he built the culture in his thriving business.

Our Purpose:  Is to improve the quality of life through the joyful, calming and time saving gifts that come from being organized.

Some people call this a Focus or Mission Statement.  I prefer the word Purpose like The Container Store.  Why does your business exist?  Leaders must be able to answer this question in a clear, concise, and compelling sentence.

Overcoming PHANTOM CLARITY starts with a well-defined Purpose…IN WRITING OF COURSE!

Send us your Mission Statement. We would love to hear why your business exists.