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People, Pain, and Poor Performance

Employees are such a pain in the A**

People, Pain, and Poor Performance

By: Ross Paterson

The 1st of four blogs in our “Not Enough” series.

Not Enough Performance

We had lunch with a business owner and his general manager. They had a typed-up list of ‘grievances’ and were very frustrated with one of their teammates. He was showing up at work with a bad attitude, underperforming, and dragging the morale of the whole team into the gutter. I asked the obvious question, “Have you talked to him about this list?” Their response was, “We could never talk to him about this list.”

This leadership team was in pain, and they didn’t have clarity, skills, or the will to resolve the conflict.

Xtra Mile Truth: The majority of our first conversations with business owners are about Not Enough Performance or its ugly second cousin, Team Dysfunction. The SMB owner has to deal with the harsh realities that: there is no HR team to do it for them, avoiding the conflict won’t fix the problem, and finally if you don’t deal with the poisonous employee, your best employees will leave first.

If you are struggling with Not Enough Performance on your team, ask yourself these four questions.

  1. Does your team have clarity? (vision, roles, goals)
  2. Do you and your leaders know how to delegate?
  3. Do you have a playbook in writing (or is it just in your head)?
  4. Can you give timely and effective feedback?

If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to these four questions you might have important work to do on you first.

Not exactly sure where to start working on the issue of Not Enough Performance?

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You are closer to a team performance breakthrough than you imagine. Small Changes. Xtra Mile Returns. You can do this, let us help.

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