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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

By: Ross Paterson

We were working in Phoenix with one of our largest clients last week, a mid-year update/team building/Q3 planning session. They are killing it in 2019! Huge improvements in collaboration across business units, a big full funnel of new work, and most important—a huge jump in profit.

The owner is planning for his retirement in the near future. His goal in hiring us was to help build the team of the future, who will take the company even further than he did in his years at the helm. 

“I wish I had invested more in my team, my leaders earlier. It has really made a difference.”   – Gary Haydon

The same planning, training, and coaching assistance we give to this company is available to your business and your leaders.  Enrollment for leaders at every level (owners, executives, and front-line managers) is now open.  Classes for each group are forming and kicking off in August. Who could use a little investment on your team?

Working longer, harder, and more frantic, hoping for a breakthrough, won’t get you to the next level.


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