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Only 10 Percent

Only 10 Percent

By: Ross Paterson

“Only about 10 percent of organizations have operationalized values into teachable and observable behaviors that are used to train their employees and hold them accountable.”

– Brené Brown, Dare to Lead

One of my new favorite books on leadership. Brené Brown and her team have done decades of research into the hard, people stuff of leadership.

Clarity about organizational values is the breakthrough lever that gets teams to the Xtra Mile. Our clients who have done the gritty work of defining, refining, and operationalizing their values, have been able to reproduce early success and exponentially grow their businesses.

Value clarity reinforces critical and competitive cultural behaviors.

Value clarity gets the right people on the bus and the wrong ones off the bus.

Value clarity drives productive decision making at critical junctions and during a crisis.

Lack of value clarity will produce fog and frustration. It can even make you doubt your original vision and true passion to make an impact. Need guidance? Let’s have coffee at our office and spend an hour lifting the value haze.