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Offense Matters

Offense Matters

By: Ross Paterson


Offense = the action of attacking someone or something


Once the why and how are created (Leadership Matters) and the plans and assignments are clear (Focus Matters), it is time to take massive action. Don’t let any of these obstacles become excuses for your new breakthrough potential.


  1. Lack of Structure: We worked with a 2nd generation business owner of a $45MM family business. I asked this young CEO how she knows what to work on every day, she responded, ‘It just comes at me.’ It wasn’t working at all. Offense requires disciplined routines, meetings, and time management to maintain the attack.
  2. Hiding in the wrong work: I lived with 5 men in a townhouse my senior year in college. The only week our house was clean, you guessed it, final exam week. SMB owners, we do this too. We hide in the work that is easiest for us, that we like to do, that others could easily be doing. Leaving the most critical, breakthrough worthy tasks for ‘tomorrow.’
  3. Interruption Victims: We let our phone, inbox, social media, and team control our time and attention. There is no such thing as multitasking, our brains can’t do two things at once. Schedule protected time daily to attack your high payoff, high value work.


Offense matters. Download our 30-day planner with instructions. Use it to create focus and manage your attention to execute better than you ever have. Build a weekly attack plan, do the hard stuff first, turn off your phone/internet for 2 hours a day. It can be done.


You are closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine.


Leadership Matters. Focus Matters. Offense Matters.