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How NOT to Lose Your Top Employees

How NOT to Lose Your Top Employees

By: Ross Paterson

Last week we had a half-day training and development session with General Managers and VPs from our top clients’ businesses. As we dug into the details of one business through the mastermind process, an interesting discussion emerged. How do these high-potential leaders manage their careers inside family owned businesses?

Business owners and entrepreneurs have one context for raises and career progression. Solve bigger problems, for more people, more efficiently, and you get a raise.  Our key leaders don’t have the same paradigm. They have a very short list of expectations.

  1. How am I doing?
  2. What are your future plans for me?
  3. How and when do I get a raise?


In today’s hot market, we must take care of the leaders who are the cornerstones for our organizations. These leaders don’t want to ask for this feedback; we know we should be giving it to them. Take a minute, think about what your life would be like without 1 or 2 of your key leaders.  If you are not already doing it regularly, make plans this week to give your team relevant and timely feedback.

With clarity for a path forward, and peace of mind about their careers, their leadership and engagement will ACCELERATE YOUR RESULTS.

Then you get a raise.