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Why haven't I been doing this?

Not Available Through Prime Now

By: Ross Paterson

We are working with a new client that is addicted to speed. Her clear vision, intense competitiveness, and new funding are leading to rapid growth in multiple states.


The Dilemma. Accelerated growth and rapid evolution are out-pacing many of the leaders on the team. In several locations the teams are not effectively engaged; high turnover, team conflict, and office drama are having an alarming impact on performance.


She has asked us to develop leaders who can motivate teams and drive the culture into the operation at every location. The speed addict would like us to get this done on a very short timeline. Train every leader and emerging leader on the team, with an hour of virtual instruction to groups of fifty once a month.


It won’t work.


XM Truths:

  1. Leadership Development is not a class.
  2. People skills take years to develop.
  3. There is no ‘Prime Now’ solution to this dilemma.


The process can be accelerated. Focused training, coupled with coaching during implementation, speeds up results. Accelerated growth and rapid evolution require great leadership at every level in the organization. You should start now.


“I got ‘volun-told’ to go to this training, my expectations were low. The first five months of training and coaching have changed me. I have read four books and I keep thinking, ‘Why haven’t I been doing this my whole career?’”- Director, Commercial General Contractor

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