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No One Told Me

Communication Breakdown #3

No One Told Me

By: Ross Paterson

Our prospects often ask for help with delegation, accountability, improving team performance, and building a winning culture. The results they want all depend on one communication skill: FEEDBACK.


If you have a vision for accelerated growth for your SMB, master-model-teach this leadership lever.

XM Truth: Everyone wants feedback, but few know how to give it effectively.


If you don’t have a culture of candid feedback in your business, follow these three simple steps to get started.


  1. Share the idea: “Our growth depends on our ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. I have to grow in this area. Will you all help me as I practice and experiment with improving our culture of feedback?”


  1. Genuinely ask for feedback: In the first two weeks, just listen. Schedule 1-1 meetings with your direct reports and ask three questions.
    • If you owned this business what would you fix first?
    • Are there any areas where you would like feedback from me?
    • Is there anything I can do/stop doing that would make it easier to work with me?


  1. Practice giving impromptu feedback: First, change your mindset; feedback is a gift. Challenge yourself to give feedback immediately, don’t wait for tomorrow. Use a soft open to prevent defensive responses. “I am probably wrong about this, let me describe what I saw…”. Follow this pattern Situation/Behavior/Impact.


Top-performing teams have cultures of candid feedback and leaders who set the tone. Keep it simple. Be courageous. Start today.


You are closer to your next breakthrough than you imagine, let us help.