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No Foolin’

No Foolin’

By: Ross Paterson

No Foolin’ 25% of the year is in the books.  How did you, your business, and your team do?

One of the leader’s most important roles is to establish effective Rhythms and Routines for the business.  Planning, Communicating Expectations, Accountability, Measuring Progress, Evaluating Trends, Listening to the Market and Employees are  a few of the most critical routines to establish.

The end of the quarter is a perfect time to step back from the fight and take a higher-level look at the performance of the business and team.  The process is quite simple.  Many small businesses could do this in ½ a day, larger more complex organizations may need 2 days.  We highly recommend conducting this session off site.

Team Building: Strengthen relationships and cohesion.

Measure: How did we do on our key goals from the business plan.

Analyze: What did we learn? What has changed internally? What has changed in the market?

Brainstorm: Identify Key adjustments and Milestones we need to set for next 90 days.

Prioritize: Create focus and momentum.  What has to happen now?  What can wait for Q3 and Q4?

Assign owners: Each key deliverable has a captain.

Communicate the updated vision, plan and priorities to the entire organization.

Put a half-day session on the calendar for you and your leadership team.  Let us know if you need help with tools and the process.