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Next Man Up

Step up to the plate for your business

Next Man Up

By: Ross Paterson

The Texas Rangers won the World Series for the first time in franchise history last night. Their superstars, a homerun hitter and a pitching sage, were out with injuries for the last two games. The team leveraged a theme they have been working on all year: be ready when we call the ‘Next Man Up.’ The teammates were ready, they stepped up and delivered. An impressive underdog team effort to claim the World Championship.

Earlier this week we were working with a fast-growing General Contractor, coincidentally in Phoenix. Their growth in multiple markets is challenging them to call their Next Men/Women Up. Like the Rangers, they had invested in developing their lineup, growing leaders, and building strong teams for the past three years. They are ready and delivering record revenue and record profit in a tough market.

If your business is growing quickly, or you are an executive leader who wants to be the next man/woman called up, these are skills you should master.

  1. See Farther. Create strategic vision that inspires and focuses the team.
  2. Lead Leaders. Radically different, 10 times more powerful than managing people.
  3. Collaborate Across Functions. Influence everywhere, even resources you don’t own.
  4. Be a Culture Champion. (see blog)
  5. Build Relationship Capital Outside Your Business. New business, recruiting talent, building a referral network, acquisitions.
  6. Replace Yourself. Delegate out current roles so you have time for 1-5.

If you and your leaders don’t understand how to do this kind of leadership work, make an investment in yourself for 2024 to unlock your future potential. Then, when your big opportunity knocks, you will be ready to be the ‘Next Man Up.’

XM has the experience and the resources to get your team aligned and ready to bat. Getting started is simple – Let us help you make the next breakthrough.