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A New Currency for Engagement (not Bitcoin)

A New Currency for Engagement (not Bitcoin)

By: Ross Paterson

One of the unique aspects of the XM Performance model is we actively engage all levels of leadership in our clients’ businesses.  From the CEO down to front line managers.  Our system gives us great insight into the team and creates acceleration potential for our clients.

We had an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment a few years ago. In successive weeks we had Leadership Forums with a group of owners, then their executives, VPs, and general managers.  I asked the owners, “Does your team know how much you appreciate them?” They were quick to passionately nod and affirm that ‘they know.’

A week later I asked their executives, “Do your bosses appreciate you?” There was a long uncomfortable pause, looking away, and the consensus was ‘not really.’  That is a HUGE disconnect.

Leaders of every organization have to understand that there is a currency of appreciation that has nothing to do with money, bonuses, or raises.  Master this, and you will get measurable jumps in engagement, efficiency, and profitability.  Let us know what you do to show effective appreciation to your team.  Then read this book…

5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace