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Myths, Plans, and Gifts

Myths, Plans, and Gifts

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I had a little time to study this week while I was quarantined. I have been digging into Leaders: Myth and Reality, by Stan McChrystal and his team of researchers. The overarching theme of the book is that leaders and organizations have to be cautious about the following three myths of leadership:


  1. The formulaic myth: Leadership is not a static checklist.
  2. The attribution myth: A bias to focus solely on the leader and not the people, culture, and context around him/her.
  3. The results myth: Followers adhere to a drive for social identity or future opportunity as much as they do to a goal or delivery of results.


Leadership, of course, is much more complex than we imagine it to be. As the old saying goes, if it was easy… everyone could do it.


The life of the small/medium business owner is quite complex as well. We have spent decades in the battle with hundreds of SMBs helping them find their way to the #XtraMile. Our tendency has always been to move from simple to complex. Getting the basics right matters, which builds a strong foundation for growth.


Did you know that December is National Write a Business Plan month? I’m not making this up. To be able to overcome the leadership myths, business owners have to get their plans and visions out of their heads, and into the hearts and minds of the team.


We have designed a Do-It-Yourself Strategic Planning Kit that we would love for you to download. Our gift to you and your team to create breakthrough potential in 2021.