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The Myth of the New Year

The Myth of the New Year

By: Ross Paterson

Gyms are packed all across America today, but by the 15th they will be down 25%. By February they will be back to the regulars.  The same is true for businesses.  Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (BOEs) are coming back to the office this week refreshed, hopeful, thinking about their best year ever.  Soon though we will be distracted with 1099’s and W-2’s, tax returns, and other realities that come every January.  Here are four important reminders as you get started in 2017:

1.Hope is not an accredited business strategy.

2.Businesses achieve breakthrough performances when leaders take them there.

3. Just do it! We already know this but need reminding.
-Put your plan in writing
-Lead more, do less work in the trenches
-Hire and develop the team that can replace you

4. Old (2016) routines bring predictable, stale results. If we want #XtraMile results, we need new, better, and more effective rhythms and routines.

We are sitting in the most positive economy we have had since the recession.  It is time for Accelerated Results.