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Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to Mouth

By: Ross Paterson

I am working with business men and women in Afghanistan this week.  What we call ‘word of mouth’ marketing, they call ‘mouth-to-mouth’ marketing.  Amazing how these business owners on the other side of the world struggle with the exact same things we do in America.

With almost every start up, the easiest place to get your first clients is from your existing network.  People that know, like, and trust you will buy from you.  Many small businesses will quickly hit a growth plateau once they have tapped into their ‘word of mouth’ network.

The only way to breakthrough that plateau is to start learning how to tell your story to people outside your network:

  1. Create the story.  Our presenter at last month’s BXH2 Brad Parnell, CEO of Steadfast Results, has graciously agreed to share a template our Xtra Mile readers. Contact us for a copy.
  2. Learn how to tell your story to the right people.
  3. Become known, liked, and trusted by a growing network.


To the many talented technicians in the business world, this process is called Marketing; don’t be afraid of it.  With ‘Mouth-to-Mouth’ marketing, you speak to hundreds of people. To create your next level revenue breakthrough, you must speak to thousands.  Contact us to download the story format and start working on your plan today.