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More than a Paycheck

More than a Paycheck

By: Ross Paterson

Business owners, there are two things we owe our employees, besides a paycheck.

  1. A leader who WANTS to lead
  2. A leader who KNOWS HOW to lead


In most small/medium businesses, the front-line leaders are often the teammates who have been there the longest.  When promoted to a leadership role we are giving them a tough assignment; becoming the direct supervisor of people who were their peers last week.  The challenge of the promotion is compounded when the assignment comes with no training or coaching on leadership basics, like delegation, communication, accountability, feedback, project management, etc.

A few tips as you scan your line-ups for future leaders.

  • Our employees tend to be much more ‘title’ driven than we are as business owners.
  • Make sure the people raising their hands for leadership opportunities are coming for the right reasons.  They
    • instinctively help others perform.
    • completely believe in the company mission.
    • are coachable learners themselves.
  • Watch out for ego-driven candidates who are only interested in an upgraded title and increased compensation.


Once you find the right leaders stepping up for the right reasons… train them on leadership basics!

Not sure how to get started?  Schedule a call with one of our Business Performance Hackers and we will provide a free assessment of your line-up and help you set your new leaders up for success.