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Mindset Matters for Accountability

Old Mindset vs New Mindset

Mindset Matters for Accountability

By: Ross Paterson

Part 3 of a four-part series on Accountability

We were working with state executive leaders from a nationwide company this week.  Wrestling with multiple challenges that are common in fast-growing businesses. Many on the executive team are new to the role of leading leaders. There is a new toolbox they must get trained and comfortable using, and an old toolbox they need to give away by training their team.

Old Mindset: Everyone is really busy, and no one has the capacity for more. I will keep doing this work for now.

New Mindset: I will not stunt the growth of my team hiding behind an overzealous servant leadership style.

We reminded them that none of them have risen to their high-level roles working for leaders who held on to the hard stuff. It is shortsighted, and even a little selfish not to give our direct support work that will stretch them, grow them, and challenge them.

Old Mindset: Accountability feels like a high-conflict conversation, in general, to be avoided.

New Mindset:  Accountability is simply a scheduled follow-up conversation about results our teammates already agreed to deliver.

This requires the leader to create clarity around desired results, resources, timing, and consequences.  If none of that leadership work has been done; the conversation could result in conflict and missed deliverables.

Old Mindset: I don’t have time (know-how) to work on my ‘New Toolbox’ tasks.

New Mindset: It is my responsibility to make time and master the skills necessary to lead my leaders.

We wrapped up the week with this commission for the executives we trained.

Tune in next week for Old Toolbox vs New Toolbox details.

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