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Look Up, Look In, Look Out!

Look Up, Look In, Look Out!

By: Ross Paterson

We had several readers respond to last week’s team building blog letting us know they had used our four questions to help their teams connect.

Creating connection is just a starting point. #XtraMile Performance is only achieved when we strive to create a ‘Band of Brothers’ level of camaraderie in our business teams. Three key components lead to breakthrough levels of collaboration.

  1. A Higher Calling: The purpose or impact of our work has to ignite a passion in our people. Clarity and repeated communication of that purpose must be coupled with a deliberate recruiting of passionate souls.
  2. Deep Connections: Beyond simple familiarity, #XtraMile camaraderie is engineered and built into a team. Intentional bond building, rhythmic and effective communication, and 1-1 feedback/listening sessions will strengthen your team’s connections. Download our PDF for ideas.
  3. Do Hard Stuff Together: Assignments that stretch a team’s capability and capacity will force the team to evolve. The wisdom to stretch, but not break, takes years to develop.


Neglecting the high leverage work of building strong teams is one of the leadership omissions we see holding businesses back in the SMB space. When the payoffs are speed and efficiency gains, lower costs, happier employees, and better served clients, you simply cannot afford this omission. 

We would love to help you build your high-functioning team. Make 2020 your breakthrough year with an investment in a team building and goal setting session to ignite the passion in your people.