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Letting Go Will Fix Stuck

Fix This Identity Crisis

Letting Go Will Fix Stuck

By: Ross Paterson

We had 20 business owners in our training room last week for a Business Xcelerator Breakfast. Most of these leaders are in a critical growth transition, expanding their foundations after a successful startup. To gain traction at this time, we must let go of identities that served us well in the startup stage and embrace new identities for xcelerating breakthroughs.

Let go of Pouncer; embrace Planner. The startup is a battle for survival – if you see an opportunity, you pounce on it. Pushing the cornerstones out and building a bigger foundation requires a clearer vision for the future and simple planning with your team (see last week’s blog).

Let go of Grinder; embrace Delegator. If ‘it’s just easier to do it yourself’, you are going to be stuck just outside of the startup for the rest of your life. Build a team, master delegation, and empower leaders whose passions line up with your dreams.

Let go of Firefighter; embrace Fire Marshall. The Fire Marshall’s job is to teach people how to prevent fires. With the help of evolved systems and processes, training for the team, and effective meeting routines, you can stop fighting fires every day and start growing your business. Think of your most simple, repeatable work and build yourself out of that role this week.

Adrenaline junkies beware – Pouncing, Grinding, and Firefighting are addicting and feel like your most important work. Your next breakthroughs are waiting for you to fix this identity crisis.

You are probably closer than you imagine, let us help.

How do you know when you’ve officially left the startup stage, or when to move on to your next project? Our Business Planning Xcelerator bootcamp can guide you through these growing pains and provide a personalized 12-month plan.