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Leave Me Alone I’m Busy

Leave Me Alone I’m Busy

By: Ross Paterson

We were consulting with a team last week, dealing with a particularly sticky challenge.  After talking for a while around multiple demanding issues, we were struck with this flash of the obvious.  In essence we were saying, ”We are too busy, to work on the most critical issue.”  I asked them to stand up and say that out loud.  Ugh, it was a tough truth.  But dealing with it gave us clarity on next steps.

This pain is common in organizations everywhere.  The challenge could be a negative crisis, or a positive opportunity for growth.  Either way our plans are being interrupted, our comfort zone eliminated, and the path forward is foggy at best. Not an environment where many of us thrive.  Tragically many choose to ‘not decide,’ distracted by other pressing priorities and deadlines.  The consequences can be severe.

Are you dedicating your best time and attention to the critical work, or just important work?  Leaders must know the difference.