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Leadership Lessons from Dumbo

Leadership Lessons from Dumbo

By: Ross Paterson

We have been giving a new talk called “The Root of the Millennial Problem” around the North Texas marketplace the past few weeks.  Follow up conversations have been rich with the struggles of leadership in the 21st century.  One business owner sent me an email and asked if we had two, 12-ounce cans of leadership spray.  An honest reflection of our growing desire for instant gratification.

Smart phones, Amazon Prime Now, and instant streaming TV have eroded our patience.  We are being falsely lured into a belief that there is a short cut, an ‘easy button,’ for everything.  This is simply not true when it comes to the most meaningful things in life.  Marriages, fulfilling careers, and developing great leaders are all achieved with significant investments over a long time.

You see, it wasn’t the Magic Feather that unlocked Dumbo’s potential.  Timothy Q. Mouse saw the need, the potential, and made an investment.

Your future leaders need you to teach them to fly.