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Leadership | Focus | Offense

Leadership | Focus | Offense

By: Ross Paterson

We have a tech equipment client, in his second year, who just turned his 2021 around. Almost 500% growth in monthly recurring sales from Q2 to Q3 and we still have a month left in Q3. Here’s how it happened.

  1. Leadership Matters: We identified a problem in his lineup. After a few months of coaching for a turnaround, the owner terminated a sales leader, a long-term employee/friend who wasn’t adjusting to a start-up environment. These are soul-wrenching decisions for most of us, leadership means we must make the tough calls.
  2. Focus Matters: Everything can’t be a priority. The owner delegated operational tasks and put his sales hat back on. He assessed the process, implemented improvements, and led the sales team. The impact was immediate as he focused his industry expertise in two different channels.
  3. Offense Matters: If our business is not performing, waiting to see what happens almost never fixes the problems. Owners, we have to make decisions and take action; we are leaders for a reason.


Getting stuck and overwhelmed is a common experience in the journey of business ownership. Working with a group of your peers and an outside team of small business experts is uncommon. The financial investment and time commitment our clients make to a Leadership Forum always pay off.


If you are stuck and overwhelmed, we invite you to join a session and see if it makes sense for you. Contact us to find out about the next one on the calendar.


Leadership Matters. Focus Matters. Offense Matters. Get your business to the Xtra Mile.