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By: Ross Paterson

Leadership Matters. Focus Matters. Offense Matters.

We are going to spend the next few weeks helping our SMB family to create Xceleration into 2024 – sharing big ideas, inspiration, and implementation tips for doing work from the NEW TOOLBOX.  Help you implement leadership levers that are very intangible, frequently new to owners, uncomfortable, and untested.

As our businesses grow, the performance of our team depends more and more on the leaders we commission under us (commission = to formally choose someone to do a special piece of work). Leaders ask bigger questions and are looking for more in their careers.

A big part of our New Toolbox starts by inspiring the minds, wills, and emotions of our team; very different from managing the work.

  1. Play the Infinite Game: Use a powerful PURPOSE statement to put fire in souls. Why are we doing this? At XM Performance/XM Talent Pros, our Infinite Game is making small and medium businesses the best places to work in America. Do you have a clear, concise, and compelling PURPOSE for your business? Leadership Matters.
  2. Define the Culture: Probably the most intangible of the leadership levers; and also the most powerful. When our clients get this right, transformation xcelerates, the right leaders lean in, and everyone becomes engaged. A strong culture will also transition the wrong leaders out of the business. Leadership Matters.
  3. Pour into People: At some point in the evolution of your business, our work becomes more about pouring into people. Put down the Old Toolbox of managing work, and be a multiplier of people. Dedicate time to 1-1’s with direct reports (See our blog on 1-1’s). Learn how to Coach vs. Manage. Each human needs something a little different from you. Align what they want with where you are going (See last week’s blog for a great tool). Leadership Matters.