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How to Keep Your Business Really Small: Episode 1

How to Keep Your Business Really Small: Episode 1

By: Ross Paterson

Episode #1:  Crappy Delegation

Business Owners do you ever catch yourself saying these things?

“They know what to do”

“If I could just find the ‘right’ people”

“Be an adult, figure it out”

“I can’t get ‘these kids’ to do anything”

We hear these statements repeated in offices every week.  Effective Delegation is really quite simple.  Start with your most repetitive processes and work them through this sequence.

1. Get the process out of your head and onto paper.

2. Show your team what it looks like when it is done well.

3. Watch them through the process: coach, teach, inspire.

4. Challenge them to teach the next person.

5. Measure progress, check frequently at first, then have the team report.

Use these simple steps to make the list of things “Only you can do” shorter.  Spend the time you save to strategically move the business forward.