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By: Ross Paterson

I spent a few years in the 2000’s training and competing in long distance triathlons.  Endurance athletes are often tempted to put in ‘Junk Miles’ as a psychological fix for their competitiveness.  New science has proven that these extra, unplanned, and unnecessary workouts are extremely harmful to the body’s natural work and recovery cycles.  ‘Junk Miles’ make you slower and more susceptible to injury.

I have been reading a fascinating book called Deep Work by Cal Newport.  He has observed that many leaders and knowledge workers put in hours of ‘Junk Work’.  Answering emails, text, and taking in internet based work material late into the evening.

XM Truth:  Our brains need rest and recovery just like the athlete’s body.

When we neglect this truth long term, our efficiency and effectiveness is severely degraded.

When you work, work hard.  When you are done, be done.”
Cal Newport, Deep Work

Quite a challenge for our smart phone society.  Let us know if you have a great process for putting this into practice.