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Is Your Team Ready to Run Without You?

Is Your Team Ready to Run Without You?

By: Ross Paterson

Summer is Coming!

Does every blog need a Game of Thrones reference this year? Probably not.

In the small-medium business space, an owner has graduated to the Xtra Mile when he or she can take a 2-week vacation and the business doesn’t miss a beat. Sometimes though it is not a planned vacation, but a personal health emergency, or a family crisis that pulls the owner’s attention away. Is your team ready to run without you?  Focus your energy on these long-term goals to relieve stress and build sustainability into your business.

  1. Next Level Revenue: In order to hire next level leaders, the business must have revenue and profits to support their compensation. Keep your eye on the ball of profitable revenue growth.
  2. Build yourself out of the process: At start up, the owner has to be a jack of all trades, moving back and forth between many demanding roles. Step by step, Xtra Mile leaders will release work to others. Start with administrative work and book keeping, then build yourself out of the most repetitive processes in your operation.
  3. Develop Strong Leaders: Teach, train, and challenge high potential leaders to do bigger work. They will love you for it…on most days. If you are not sure how to get started, download our 1-page leadership culture starter kit with low-cost ideas for investing in your emerging leaders.

It may not happen for you this summer. But, if you make an earnest investment in these three areas over the next 14 months, your summer 2020 could include a 2-week vacation. Two reasons to take action now: your personal sanity, and the survivability of your business in a crisis.

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.
– Sheryl Sandberg