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Is That a Wind at my Back?

Is That a Wind at my Back?

By: Ross Paterson

A little brag on our XM team; record Q1 and it’s only January. That feels good after 2020.


One of the benefits of our diverse client base is we get to see a wide sample of the SMB market. We did work with three of our long-term clients this week. One landed a record-breaking deal that will dramatically accelerate their 2021 outlook. Another is dealing with rapid expansion on many fronts, adding to the complexity and challenge of their leadership structure. We also presented a mixed in-person/virtual goal setting and sales training for a client expanding their services into every major city in Texas.


Is that enough to be a trend? Highly likely that it is. If that is true, now what should we do as business owners?


One of the contingencies we wrote about in an earlier blog this month was to make a plan for accelerated growth. What if your market, business, or industry recovers from the pandemic faster than you expect? Put a plan in place now, so you are ready.


  1. Build a virtual bench: Start recruiting before you need to hire. We have helped dozens of our clients with the hiring process. So many great candidates are still out of work or looking for the next opportunity. As an SMB owner, we can’t keep extras on the payroll, but we can start sharing vision, testing for values/culture match, and creating excited candidates.
  2. Train and develop leadersDo you have leaders and managers on your team who are ready to play at the next level, the #XtraMile?  The people you have that are already bought into the vision, can become great leaders if you train and coach them. And even more important you (owners) have to make sure your leadership potential is growing every year.
  3. Cross-train for expansion: Our business ebbs and flows in directions we never completely control. The more breadth of skills we build into our existing team the faster we can respond to these changes. What areas will most likely see growth in your model? How can you prepare your team in advance for these opportunities?


We are ready for a fair wind at our backs. How about you?


Do you have a 2021 plan in writing? As a business owner, one of the hardest things to do is find time to sit down and plan strategically. Click here to learn more about our 1-day event!