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I’m Impressed!

Can your team do this?

I’m Impressed!

By: Ross Paterson

I had an up close and personal look at a high-performing team last month. I observed them working together almost non-stop for 18 days, 24 hours a day. You see, a fluke crash on a mountain bike nearly took me out and I watched this all from my hospital bed. In spite of the painful recovery, it was entertaining for this organizational performance nerd to watch so many great things happening.


  1. Mission Focused: Do No Harm. They nursed me back from major trauma surgery, sometimes with a soft touch, sometimes with a demanding push to take another lap with the walker.
  2. Reproducing Talent: The most talented nurses were coaching new hires to the team’s high standards. Nursing students from a local college were lucky to take shifts, too.
  3. Well-tuned processes: Shift after shift, nurses, techs, and support staff followed systems and repeatedly delivered great results.
  4. Technology was leveraged: Charting, medicine delivery, and doctor visits, all delivered and tracked with handheld devices that worked from everywhere.
  5. Collaboration: Trauma surgeons called in other experts (I was a mess), and nurses brought the wound care team (a big mess). No one was afraid to ask for help or get a look from another expert.


I was blessed to have this Baylor Grapevine team serve me when I needed them. There was high morale and great camaraderie you could see, hear, and feel as I walked my laps around the 3rd-floor recovery ward. Make no mistake… great teams, great hospitals, great businesses, and great non-profits don’t just happen. Talented leaders are in place at every level.


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