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I Would Rather Die!

What adults fear more than anything else

I Would Rather Die!

By: Ross Paterson

Humans have two innate fears, fear of falling and fear of loud noises (the acoustic startle reflex). Research shows all other fears are learned from family and environmental cues.


Want to know the one thing that adults fear more than almost anything else? Public Speaking.


XM Truth: Leadership is Communication, Communication is Leadership.



If we want to lead a business, a team, or a non-profit to high-impact performance, we must embrace this truth. Whether we are sharing our vision with a growing team, making a presentation to a top prospect, or encouraging donors to invest in our passion projects, our ability to communicate big ideas in formal settings is a critical skill.  Failing to develop this skill will set a low ceiling on our big visions.


I am still alive

After delivering thousands of presentations, I am still alive. Not once have I been physically attacked, and only a few times have I been verbally challenged on the ideas I’ve shared. Far from being professionals, some teammates and I have become proficient and competent at formally sharing big ideas…

…but this wasn’t always true.


When I left corporate America and founded our non-profit Global Fusion, I had to learn how to raise capital for our development projects in Afghanistan. People respond to stories. People give when they can be folded into the developing world and sense the urgency of a white-hot cause.


That urgency led me to embrace the uncomfortable reality that I sucked at presenting, and I had to do something about it.


Fixing the problem

Over the last two decades, I have invested time and money in formal training.  We have had coaches help us put dynamic keynote presentations together.  I have practiced, practiced, and practiced to hone this critical leadership skill.  The investment has created a huge return.


Leaders, this is not an optional skill to develop.  We would love to help. Contact us today.