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I Thought It Would Be Easier

Not Enough Revenue

I Thought It Would Be Easier

By: Ross Paterson

The 3rd of four blogs in our “Not Enough” series.

Not Enough Revenue

We were working with a 2nd career business owner who had bought into a franchise system. He was struggling with the pain of Not Enough Revenue. Maybe you are familiar with these symptoms; sales significantly lower than projections, negative cashflow forcing a search for new financing, payroll is due, and a month behind on rent.

His franchisor had recommended a digital marketing team to help find customers. For $1,500 per month, the outsourced team was going to be posting weekly content on his LinkedIn and Facebook business pages. While he shared his struggle and stress, our marketing chief looked up his pages: LinkedIn had 5 followers, and Facebook had 7. His marketing activity was not broad enough or effective in ways that were going to close his revenue gaps.

Here is an Xtra Mile Truth you might not want to hear: there is no Easy Button.

As business owners, we must learn and master the marketing and sales process. The alternative, we live in the land of Not Enough Revenue until it breaks us. The real villain in our story was the marketing agency that was taking $1,500 every month when they knew his social media pages weren’t populated.

What if we could help you measure, diagnose, and even fix some of the root causes of Not Enough Revenue? Follow the link to download our Simple Assessment Tool.

You might be closer to a revenue breakthrough than you imagine. Small changes. Xtra Mile Results. You can do it, let us help.

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