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I Really Need Help With Accountability

The Creating Clarity Checklist

I Really Need Help With Accountability

By: Ross Paterson

Accelerated growth in the SMB world frequently breaks down when the team can’t perform at the next level. Owners and leaders get frustrated, and they want to know how to delegate better, and how to hold people accountable. ‘Show me the ‘easy button’ for results, Ross!’


There is no easy button.


Building a team that consistently delivers results is the ultimate test of our leadership mastery as business owners and leaders. Join us for a 4-part series this month to set (or reset) the cornerstones for a high-performance team.


Cornerstone #1: The Tangibles, Creating Clarity


Here is your creating clarity checklist, answer yes or no.


  1. We have a simple business plan in writing.
  2. 1st Quarter priorities are named, assigned to an owner, and tracked weekly/monthly.
  3. Roles and responsibilities for every teammate are clearly defined.
  4. Our effective meeting routines multiply communication and accelerate results.
  5. We measure results that matter weekly (at least).
  6. Our leaders know how to give effective feedback.


Accountability will be very difficult if your answer to most of the items on this list is ‘no’.


Frequently a frustrated, burned-out business owner will say, ‘I just can’t find the right people.’  However, if the tangibles are not provided our humans can’t perform. Our experience shows that high performers need ‘yes’ answers to these statements. If they don’t get clarity from their leaders, they will find somewhere else to serve. Guess who sticks around…


Tune in next week for Cornerstone #2: The Intangibles


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