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I Bet You Can’t

I Bet You Can’t

By: Ross Paterson

This week two women became the first females ever to graduate from US Army Ranger School.  I saw extremely tough men fail out of this course when I went through with class 11-89.  I wonder how many times someone told them they can’t do it?


Here is a picture of the sign at the entrance to Ranger School, Fort Benning, GA.



Nothing motivated me more as a young man than someone telling me what I can’t do.  As a business owner and entrepreneur I frequently encounter nay-sayers, statisticians who aren’t in the game, and people with jobs that don’t understand my unique passions/dysfunction.  I intentionally spend quality time every week with other crazies; SMART PEOPLE with BIG IDEAS who know about being all in.  Starting and growing businesses is “Not for the Weak or Fainthearted” either.


Ninety-four men graduated too.  Congratulations to all who wear the coveted Ranger Tab.  Rangers Lead the Way!!